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Day 8, Its Over, and We are Winners

(If you are reading this for the first time scroll down to Prep Day Before day 1 and work your way back up)

Day 8 is complete and a great day it was. After 8 days, over 3000 miles, and 17 events we finished first place in class in the Brock Yates One Lap Of America. Saturday we went into the event with enough points that we pretty much had the win locked in. That made it less stressful as well as allowed us to be a bit easier on the car for the event. The last event was called a dry skid pad. It was just like our first event except rather than the track be covered in water we used a dry surface.


We finished the event and we were waiting for the points to be updated online. Even though our calculations told us we had first place in our class we had to see the results with our own eyes. Once the points updated we had the confirmation we had done it. We had accomplished what we had set out to do which was take the Team Gas Monkey Energy Brenspeed Mustang to first place in our class. 8 days were over and the highs and lows have paid off.


After the awards we headed back to the home base in Indiana for a huge celebration. Thanks to everybody that made this happen. Thanks to our family’s, the team at Brenspeed, Gas Monkey Garage, Kooks Headers, Lucas Oil, Mcleod Clutch, Roush Performance, 360 Wraps, Tru7, Continental Tires, Collins Bros Jeep, Kedan Logistics, American Car Magazine UK, Tire Rack, Auto Park Ford in Bremen Indiana, Brock Yates Jr., and all the staff involved in making the One Lap Of America possible.


The Mustang held together very well we would not have done anything different.



IMG_8736 IMG_8755



Day 7 Complete! Still winning and almost home!

Today was another great day of racing. We were at Autobahn Country Club in Joliet IL. I have drag raced in Joliet for years over at Route 66 so it was nice to be at a new location. Autobahn Country Club was a very nice facility with two cool road courses.

This was an abnormally short day. After a first place and third place finish we found ourselves coming to the realization we only had one day of racing left. Today was good and even a Viper felt the wrath of the Brenspeed Mustang. After racing we only had a few hours drive ahead of us. We spent some time going over the car to make sure it was good to go for the drive back and one last event. We have put the Roush Supercharged Team GMG Brenspeed Mustang through a very rough week. I have a list of about 6 things that need replaced but none will keep us from the event tomorrow in South Bend Indiana. The car is tired, and so are we.

We have been through a very rough week from a weather stand point. Today we only had rain for about 5 minutes. It’s hard to believe we have one day left. To us the week feels like a couple days. Focus, that is about the best way to explain it. You block everything out which is hard to do but you have to if you want to compete seriously in this event.

We are sitting very well in points. Tomorrow could be very successful if we stay on track. We had a great time tonight hanging with racers, having a few drinks (maybe more than a few), and just talking about the week of racing. Our competition comes from different countries, different budgets, different lifestyles, but we are all one and the same for 8 days.







Day 6 complete! 2 more to go!

Today was day 6 in the Brock Yates One Lap Of America. For those of you keeping track this is an 8 day event so we have 2 more to go! We started the day off with heading to Road America in Wisconsin. After Road America we drove to Great Lakes Dragway. Both facilities were in Wisconsin but our event Friday is in Illinois.

Today we had a total of 5 events. Two road races, an auto cross, and two events at a drag strip. We came out well and are still in 1st place for points in our class. Today we had 2 first place, one 4th place, and I believe 2 second places. The other good news is our transit runs have become much smaller nearing the end of the race. Today we had a couple hour drive between the road course and drag race event, then only a 2 hour drive to Joliet, Illinois which is where we race tomorrow. That beats a 10 hour drive for sure!

Also today the crew from One Lap of America did several live video’s with us at the track. If you can, I suggest looking up Tire Rack One Lap Of America on Facebook to see the details! It is a cool thing  and you can watch the cars race right by.

We are 100% smoked so this blog today is going to be short. All in all today went well and we are sitting just where we need to be up front. Be sure to check in and watch that live footage as it will be amazing. Thanks for reading!

IMG_8696 IMG_8695 IMG_8690 - Copy IMG_8685 IMG_8681 - Copy - Copy IMG_8680 - Copy - Copy


Day 5 Complete: Wore Out, Cops, But We Made It!

Day 5 of the 8 day journey was pretty intense. We are already to the point that we can’t keep track of what day it is because all you do is focus on the event. You wake up and drive straight to the track. You prep the car, inspect the track, and then start racing. You perform maintenance on the car during the day because you are putting it through in 1 week what most people put a car through in a year. You might eat, you might lay down anywhere and close your eyes for a few minutes and try to rest, you race more, and then you map out your night time drive, which the last two days has been roughly 10 hours each night. Once that is finished you find a place to sleep and if it is only for a few hours it is still worth finding a hotel. The next day, you repeat. That sums up why you block out anything outside of this event, even what day it is. You know where you need to be and you get there, no matter what. Then you type a blog so your mom knows you are still alive. We are pretty sure it is a hell of a week for them. We are doing the race for us, but are doing the blog for them (and you reading this). I fell asleep at the desk last night doing this, but we have to, so Big Chris’s and my mom can try not to worry. ( I bet they still do) HI MOMS!


Today we started the day in Bowling Green, Kentucky, before that we were out near Boston and Pittsburgh, and now we are somewhere in Northern Wisconsin. Even our wives can’t keep track of where we are (for once). I asked somebody at a gas station the other day where I was and they told me New York. I was like wow I have never been to New York to bad I can’t hang out for a day. No time for play during this gig. Today was rough and we had about half a day of no rain so that was good. Even though we have raced the track before it was very demanding. For the first time in 5 days we had two third place finishes. I think a little bit of everything was going on. Tough track, we are getting wore out, and in the end it just wasn’t our day. The good news is we are still in first place for points yet we have a lot of events ahead in the next 3 days. Tomorrow, which is today when you are reading this, we have 5 events.  2 road course, 1 auto cross, and 2 drag races. This is what is thrown on us on day 6. BUT we will do it. The team at Brenspeed built us a wicked car and they said the work is in our hands now (no pressure of course).

All of the driving has been pretty smooth. We hit a tire on the highway the other night that ripped the corner of the front bumper off but no biggy we fixed it. We ate a good meal 1 night (some Brazilian place I can’t tell you where or when), ate subway, gas station food, and pretty much nothing worth reporting. A food truck came to the track today which was awesome. It had legit Chinese food on it that was made to order. Our friend Chris (not Big Chris) from Sweden ordered us a ton of food (THANKS CHRISTOPHER!).


We had the pleasure of meeting a very nice officer in a state I won’t mention. Most of you know what goes on driving between these events so you understand you don’t want the radar to hit your car. You would be amazed how we have this car set up. Tonight there were 3 GPS devices running maps and watching traffic; apps watching for reported law enforcement, the most high tech 2016 radar detector money can buy that is simply amazing, night vision (OK no night vision that part is a joke), and then us two dorks telling stories driving. Our gear was telling us we needed to be on alert so I quickly applied the brakes. I was on declaration (aka very hard braking) when one of our devices told us we had just been laser tagged by the police. 1/2 mile later we were pulled over. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Becky. Becky was a good sport, took some pictures with us, and sent us on our way with a warning. I will tell you right now if that went down in Indiana I may not be typing this right now. Big Chris kept saying, “Let me speak with her” and went to open the door. I said, “STOP do you want shot, you can’t just walk back to the police car in the United States”. Luckily Becky was awesome and we didn’t even have to do much sweet talking and also luckily Big Chris stayed in his seat like a good boy.

Here we go again. Its 2:25 A.M. and the alarm will go off in about 3 hours. Tomorrow, I mean today, is a new day.


IMG_8673 IMG_8666  IMG_8648 IMG_8659

Day 4 Complete! 2 Wins & Making it to NMC Raceway in Bowling Green KY.

Day 4 is complete and we are very happy about that. We had been stuck in nothing but rain for the last 3 days and when the sun came out today it was a good sign. We arrived at the track early and ready to score a garage in case the rain arrived during racing. Sadly we found out there were no garages available to rent at Summit Point Motorsport Park. The next best thing we found was a sweet parking spot up front and we stashed all our gear, parts, and luggage under a canopy.



We had a great breakfast at the track and the ladies in charge were killing it in the kitchen. That was good news as we were starving. After a quick check of the track (which was 2 miles) we hammered down some breakfast and prepped the car for another day’s work.


Today went really well. We had 2 first place finishes and the car was running flawless. The first event was so intense our rotors were smoking after we pitted. We let a couple fellow racers take the car around the pits to cool the rotors to assure everything stayed in proper working order. After the second event we cooled the car, loaded it up, and hit the road.


After being excited for 2 more wins and keeping the number 1 ranking secure, we had a 10 hour drive ahead of us to Kentucky. That drive went well and much faster than planned (due to various driving speeds and maneuvers). We landed in Kentucky at around midnight along with many of the other racers. After 3 days of solid rain and no sleep, almost everybody that arrived at the hotel was ready to kick back a cold one before attempting to get 4 or 5 hours of sleep. We joined right in and enjoyed a night in the parking lot with no rain falling on us which was for sure a good thing.


Tomorrow we race at NCM in Bowling Green, Kentucky. We have the car tuned to the best that we can, all the way from the engine to the suspension. They are calling for a large percent chance of rain but we hope that it will stay away. If it does not we will do what we have done the last few days which is drive hard based off the conditions while keeping the car on the track. Its officially that time of night where I retreat to 4 hours of sleep. Signing off!

IMG_8632 IMG_8630 IMG_8613

Day 3 Complete! Still in first place; crazy track, rain, and one liners.

If one word could describe the day, I would most likely say insane. Today we were racing at Palmer Motorsports Park in Massachusetts. This track is new, it’s insane, and with the yet again massive rain, words can’t describe the fear this track put in most driver. Imagine driving through a construction zone with concrete barriers on both sides.  Then driving as fast and as hard as you can around turns and elevations, attempting the best time, yet not hitting a wall because that was pretty much your only option if you slid off the track. Well, Welcome to Palmer.  That is one wicked track with zero forgiveness for error.


We arrived at the track about 7 A.M. to secure a garage. We were able to reserve one online last night which was awesome because we knew it was going to rain most of the day today. We had about a half hour drive from the hotel to the track and we were very pumped to see what this track was all about. I will say it was very scenic and beautiful despite it’s attitude. Upon entering we felt like a few designers took a handful of drugs, blasted a course through a mountain with dynamite, and were very determined to build the craziest course around. It’s layout, with little margin for error, was very demanding but in the end this place does deserve much respect. Also Palmer is new and even the garage we rented literally was having the entrance for it built as we were pulling in. Dirt and rain equals mud but we had no choice but to make due.


Both events today were very intense. The few cars that went before us were sliding all over the track, coming in and out of turns to aggressive for the wet conditions. Remember there is not a large field of grass to slide into if you have error on a turn like most tracks. At Palmer, sliding more than a few feet off the tracks means a date with rocks or a wall. We had to take this into consideration during the event as this was day 3 of 8 days and we have to finish in one piece. After many hours of waiting, battling the weather, and concentration, we had completed two events for the day. We had two second place finishes which of course is one place less than our goal.  The good news is the car is one piece and ready for tomorrow. The second part of the good news is in our class we are still sitting first in points for the 8 days of events. There is actually a third part of good news. Christian & Chris from Sweden who are running the 2016 Mustang we built last week took two first places today. If somebody is going to put us into second I love the fact that it’s great guys running a car the team at Brenspeed built.

After leaving Palmer we headed to West Virginia. We race there tomorrow, or should I once again say today, as its 2:07 A.M. and we need to leave in about 4 hours to head to the track. The car is in good condition and we are doing good as well. Sleep is becoming an issue going into day 4 but Big Chris and Myself (Brent) are doing our best to keep each other motivated as we are completing the long drives between events. It is amazing how a person from the UK (Chris) and a guy from the U.S. (Brent) can have so much in common. I think we said every one liner from Caddyshack, Clerks, Top Gun, Hangover, and so many more to entertain (keep awake) each other while driving. I can’t think of them all as my brain is completely fried right now. Tomorrow we are once again expecting a 70% chance of rain. We are so tired of rain it’s ridiculous.





Day 2 Complete! 2 Wins, Rain, Pizza, & Sweden

Day two of the Brock Yates One Lap of America was as wet as day one. We started the day off at Pittsburgh International Race Complex just outside Pittsburgh, PA. The drive in last night went well and we were able to score 5 hours sleep, which was on the high side of the sleep meter during this event. We arrived at the complex almost 2 hours before the event started so we could be first in line for a garage. Many race tracks have garages on site they rent and on a rainy day like today you want one. The alternative, stand out in the rain all day, and that is something we were not looking to do. We located a track official and were able to get one of the few garages they had on hand to rent. That was a good start to this great day of racing.


The weather looked promising this morning. We walked the track first thing which is just under 3 miles in length. At this track we race a total of 5 laps per event. Your first lap is a warm up, then 3 full wide open throttle laps, and a final lap for a cool down. That’s 9 miles of pedal to the metal and why you better build your car to handle that reliably. Today we would have two sessions, or two events. Just before they called us up at 8:30 A.M. the rain arrived and it was a full on down poor.


Lucky for us Big Chris is from the UK and driving in the rain seems second nature. He was all for managing the car today on slick wet surfaces and that is not something most drivers are comfortable doing. We prepped the car and it was time to race. We were 20th in line and before we even made it out on the track two cars already slid into the wall. One took minor damage, and the second was most likely totaled. All drivers were OK. With that in mind Chris drove our Brenspeed built Roush Supercharged Mustang to its full extent and in the down poor of rain we secured a first place finish in class. That first round was very wearing on everybody. We all hung out in the garage awaiting round 2 and we made a discovery. If you ask nicely, and pay accordingly, Pizza Hut will deliver outside their normal delivery area. Hurray! 12 Pizzas later we had a lot of happy racers hanging out in the garage.

After lunch it was go time. The track was still a bit slick, still had some water on it, but was slowly drying. This time we took the car to it’s full potential. We also had a pleasant surprise. A few weeks ago we took on a build for 2 racers (Chris and Christian) from Sweden. On a whim they picked up a 2016 Mustang from Auto Park Ford in Bremen, IN that was available. Then George, Ian, and Garret built it for them over a 1 week period. Our Swedish friends flew in, came to the race with us, and guess what? They can drive! They were running really good times for being in a new car and since we built it as a duplicate to ours, we knew what it was capable of. The second event started for the day and less than 7 minutes later our round was over. We took another first place and our new friends from Sweden took 2nd. It does not get much better than that!

We quickly loaded our bags and gear into the car and hit the road for Massachusetts. We made good time but it is still 1:30 A.M. as I type this. Big Chris is snoring and I think I will go do the same. In 4 hours it’s time to wake up and get motivated for another day of racing. The track tomorrow, or should I say today, is going to be challenging.



Day 1 Complete! A first place finish, a lot of rain, rain, and more rain.

Today was day one of the Brock Yates One Lap Of America. The race began in South Bend, Indiana and we were treated to full on rain the entire day. We started the morning off with getting the car tech inspected. Before we could go through tech we had one last step to complete. In the One Lap you are required to run the same set of tires the entire race. This means for over 3,000 miles, 8 days, and nearly 20 events the tires you fit to your car need work well in various weather conditions, road racing, and drag racing. They don’t need to just work well, they need to last the entire event. We run Continental Extreme Contact tires and prior to tech the crew over at Tire Rack brands the tires. They embed the OLOA logo into the tire with heat which allows the tech staff to check your tires throughout the week to confirm they are indeed the same set you started with.


After we passed tech we had a driver’s meeting. This meeting instructs (or advises) you on the best way to manage your time racing, driving, sleeping (or lack of), and has a brief overview of the rules of the event. You are handed a bound book that has maps of each track, maps of the transits, schedule, and a lot of other valuable information. After the meeting was over it was go time.


We unloaded the equipment out of the 2015 Team GMG Brenspeed Roush Supercharged Mustang. It is not just equipment we have to unload as all of our gear for 8 days of survival is also removed from the car prior to each race. After you race you load the car back up and get ready to hit the road.

Today’s race was called a wet skid pad. The basic explanation is they wet down a circular track. You are timed on how fast you can run around the track in both directions. This will allow the staff to calculate your lateral G’s. We prepped the car, adjusted tire pressure, and we were off. We ran the timed event without any issues and had a pretty good feeling about the results. The announcer said over the speaker we were sitting in first place in our class but there were still a few more cars to go. We sat back and watched the teams and a couple looked really good. Once all teams were finished the good news was spread and we took first place today on the wet skid pad.


We loaded up and headed to Pittsburgh. On the way we had a required stop at Lake Erie Harley Davidson for a racer appreciation dinner. They were very friendly and fed us all we needed. After about 30 minutes we hit the road again (still raining) and put our plan together for day 2 of racing. We have arrived in the Pittsburgh area and now we will sleep for a few hours and be up early to have the car prepped and ready to race at 830 sharp.






Prep Day, The Day Before Day 1: Video Inside!

DSCN1562Here we are again. The Team GMG Brenspeed Roush Supercharged Mustang came together nicely and it was time to test it out. We knew it had the right parts, but we did not have time or a good place to put it to the test at high speeds.

After a few minutes of brainstorming and a phone call we were locked in. We headed over to the local airport for an opportunity at high speed runs. This worked out perfect and the staff did a great job of working with us on getting on and off the runway safely.

Once we arrived the weather was very nice. With rain early in the AM we were worried about conditions but a dry runway allowed us to test the 2015 Mustang to its max potential. After we were finished the clouds rolled over and it began to down poor. This was actually good news because we race in rain or shine. Rather than leave, we stayed for more full speed runs to test how the tires, suspension, and brakes would handle the extremely wet conditions. Needless to say we left with a huge smile on our face and we feel very ready for tomorrow.

DSCN1539 DSCN1552b DSCN1555



2016 One Lap RouteHere we go again.  Its time for the 2016 Brock Yates’ One Lap of America.  Gas Monkey Garage and Brenspeed have teamed up together again this year to make the run on a all new route.

The Race begins Saturday April 30th 2016 in South Bend Indiana at the Tire Rack Head Quarters and ends at the exact same place 7 days later on May 7th 2016.

Check out the green line on the map above.  That is the 7 day route the racers must travel stopping each day and competing in a racing event.  When that days event is over then its off to the next track.  Racers are scored on each event and the totals are tallied up at the end to determine the winner.  There are multiple classes competing and a large assortment of different vehicles.

These are 2 person driving teams with no support vehicles.  They are on their own during this massive road trip utilizing only what they can pack in their cars and making friends along the way.

Check the this link to the Brock Yates’ One Lap of America website for more details.  PLUS a listing of all the stops if you want to come out and spectate.  Please do and cheer on the GMG/Brenspeed Team for the win.