Day 1 Complete! A first place finish, a lot of rain, rain, and more rain.

Today was day one of the Brock Yates One Lap Of America. The race began in South Bend, Indiana and we were treated to full on rain the entire day. We started the morning off with getting the car tech inspected. Before we could go through tech we had one last step to complete. In the One Lap you are required to run the same set of tires the entire race. This means for over 3,000 miles, 8 days, and nearly 20 events the tires you fit to your car need work well in various weather conditions, road racing, and drag racing. They don’t need to just work well, they need to last the entire event. We run Continental Extreme Contact tires and prior to tech the crew over at Tire Rack brands the tires. They embed the OLOA logo into the tire with heat which allows the tech staff to check your tires throughout the week to confirm they are indeed the same set you started with.


After we passed tech we had a driver’s meeting. This meeting instructs (or advises) you on the best way to manage your time racing, driving, sleeping (or lack of), and has a brief overview of the rules of the event. You are handed a bound book that has maps of each track, maps of the transits, schedule, and a lot of other valuable information. After the meeting was over it was go time.


We unloaded the equipment out of the 2015 Team GMG Brenspeed Roush Supercharged Mustang. It is not just equipment we have to unload as all of our gear for 8 days of survival is also removed from the car prior to each race. After you race you load the car back up and get ready to hit the road.

Today’s race was called a wet skid pad. The basic explanation is they wet down a circular track. You are timed on how fast you can run around the track in both directions. This will allow the staff to calculate your lateral G’s. We prepped the car, adjusted tire pressure, and we were off. We ran the timed event without any issues and had a pretty good feeling about the results. The announcer said over the speaker we were sitting in first place in our class but there were still a few more cars to go. We sat back and watched the teams and a couple looked really good. Once all teams were finished the good news was spread and we took first place today on the wet skid pad.


We loaded up and headed to Pittsburgh. On the way we had a required stop at Lake Erie Harley Davidson for a racer appreciation dinner. They were very friendly and fed us all we needed. After about 30 minutes we hit the road again (still raining) and put our plan together for day 2 of racing. We have arrived in the Pittsburgh area and now we will sleep for a few hours and be up early to have the car prepped and ready to race at 830 sharp.






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