Day 1 Complete: Heading to Memphis next!

We are all fired up  for the Tire Rack Brock Yates One Lap Of America. Day 1 started off in South Bend Indiana. We headed up Friday for the tech inspection. After passing tech we had a drivers meeting to go over the rules for the next 8 days. Saturday morning was the official start to day 1 and they had two events in store for us.

The first event was held in South Bend at the Tire Rack headquarters. Its called a wet skid pad and basically they run sprinklers on the skid pad and with your wipers running you are timed driving the skid pad to measure your G’s. The second event for the day was held at Grissom Air Force Base. That was set up as an auto cross. These are the two events that our Gas Monkey Energy Brenspeed Mustang struggles with the most. We have a lot of power and that is something that is not needed at either of those events. Nimble cars that handle well and hug the ground are great for those events. I believe a Ford Focus won the skid pad beating the fastest cars in the field, see…. power does not matter (for now).

After the two events we headed out to Memphis Tennessee. Day 2 of the race is held at Memphis International Raceway.  We drove 627 Miles on Day 1 and put two events behind us. We have 4 events on day 2 so its going to be a long day for sure.


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