Day 2 Complete! 2 Wins, Rain, Pizza, & Sweden

Day two of the Brock Yates One Lap of America was as wet as day one. We started the day off at Pittsburgh International Race Complex just outside Pittsburgh, PA. The drive in last night went well and we were able to score 5 hours sleep, which was on the high side of the sleep meter during this event. We arrived at the complex almost 2 hours before the event started so we could be first in line for a garage. Many race tracks have garages on site they rent and on a rainy day like today you want one. The alternative, stand out in the rain all day, and that is something we were not looking to do. We located a track official and were able to get one of the few garages they had on hand to rent. That was a good start to this great day of racing.


The weather looked promising this morning. We walked the track first thing which is just under 3 miles in length. At this track we race a total of 5 laps per event. Your first lap is a warm up, then 3 full wide open throttle laps, and a final lap for a cool down. That’s 9 miles of pedal to the metal and why you better build your car to handle that reliably. Today we would have two sessions, or two events. Just before they called us up at 8:30 A.M. the rain arrived and it was a full on down poor.


Lucky for us Big Chris is from the UK and driving in the rain seems second nature. He was all for managing the car today on slick wet surfaces and that is not something most drivers are comfortable doing. We prepped the car and it was time to race. We were 20th in line and before we even made it out on the track two cars already slid into the wall. One took minor damage, and the second was most likely totaled. All drivers were OK. With that in mind Chris drove our Brenspeed built Roush Supercharged Mustang to its full extent and in the down poor of rain we secured a first place finish in class. That first round was very wearing on everybody. We all hung out in the garage awaiting round 2 and we made a discovery. If you ask nicely, and pay accordingly, Pizza Hut will deliver outside their normal delivery area. Hurray! 12 Pizzas later we had a lot of happy racers hanging out in the garage.

After lunch it was go time. The track was still a bit slick, still had some water on it, but was slowly drying. This time we took the car to it’s full potential. We also had a pleasant surprise. A few weeks ago we took on a build for 2 racers (Chris and Christian) from Sweden. On a whim they picked up a 2016 Mustang from Auto Park Ford in Bremen, IN that was available. Then George, Ian, and Garret built it for them over a 1 week period. Our Swedish friends flew in, came to the race with us, and guess what? They can drive! They were running really good times for being in a new car and since we built it as a duplicate to ours, we knew what it was capable of. The second event started for the day and less than 7 minutes later our round was over. We took another first place and our new friends from Sweden took 2nd. It does not get much better than that!

We quickly loaded our bags and gear into the car and hit the road for Massachusetts. We made good time but it is still 1:30 A.M. as I type this. Big Chris is snoring and I think I will go do the same. In 4 hours it’s time to wake up and get motivated for another day of racing. The track tomorrow, or should I say today, is going to be challenging.



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