IMG_3465-300x225Today we wrapped up racing at the Raceway Park of Midlands in Iowa. This is Big Chris and he is half of our two man team. Well at 6 foot 9 he is maybe more than half. Chris  from the UK had his hands today on our Team Brenspeed Gas Monkey Garage 2015 Mustang.  He did very well but felt the power we put under the hood might be a bit much as out of most turns the car was over powering the tires. Good news is that means we haul big time on the straights. This is only day 2 so as we get more wheel time we will likely get a bit more control of it. Its Sunday night and we are already into Colorado. Monday morning we race at High Plains Raceway which is in Deer Trail. We made great time driving tonight so we actually sat down for a meal. The One Lap Of America race is intense between racing, driving, and little sleep so food can be a good thing.

IMG_34961 IMG_3482 IMG_3478 IMG_3460

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