Day 2 Complete: Success and the carnage has started!

Day 2 started off in Memphis Tennessee. We arrived at Memphis International Raceway at 7am to get ready for one of the longer days of racing. Day 2 consisted of 4 events. 2 road courses, 1 top ET drag race and 1 bracket drag race.

We are running a new Continental tire called the Extreme Contact Sport. These tires worked really well today and have been a great tire for the various types of events we have to run the Mustang through. Remember you have to run the same tires all week so they need to be desirable for rain and dry and wear decent on the highway. The officials brand the tires with OLOA2017 to monitor that no tires have been changed.

The first event today was the first time we were able to drive these tires hard. We were pretty much guessing from past experience on what pressures to run and after a few laps around the track we only had to make minor adjustments. We ran the 2nd event with new pressures and found that to be perfect. The car held together nicely but some were not so lucky.

We were only half way into day 2 and A LOT of cars were on jack stands. Walking around we found one car broke a crank shaft and needed a new engine, a couple had rear end issues, one broke a coil spring, and some more with minor issues. That is how hard everybody was driving today as to most it is all about winning. You just have to remember we have 8 days of this so sometimes you just don’t lean on it as hard as you could.

The last half of the day went just as well as the first. We had no issues during the drag racing events and the Mustang’s 700 plus horsepower was loving the drag strip as much as the road courses. I will say MIR is a very cool track and we loved the way it was set up.

We finished the day with a first and third place in the road course events and a first and third place in the drag race events. That is just what we needed from a points stand point.  Atlanta Georgia is next for day 3. Cars will continue to break and we hope ours is not one of them.

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