IMG_35501We had a good day racing today. After spending a couple days sorting out some details on the car we have it dialed in pretty good. The team Gas Monkey Brenspeed Mustang finished 1st place this morning, and second place this afternoon. There are some great competitive cars in this race for sure. We are currently in Colorado. We get to stay in Colorado for another day of racing then we will be heading to Texas.

After the aggressive track sessions today we decided it was time for some maintenance. We found a couple great locals at a Goodyear shop in Denver. Greg and Jeremy stayed late tonight after their normal busy work day to allow some fluid changes in the Mustang. We want to keep fresh Lucas oil in the engine and brake lines because we had no mercy racing today. A lot of this race is about maintenance. Even though all you want to do after a long day racing is drive to the next location you have to take care of the car. Thanks Greg and Jeremy!  We also swung by the new Tire Rack warehouse in Denver for a break. They were serving some great BBQ for the one lap racers and showing off the new warehouse. That place was huge with about every tire in stock ready to ship. If the rain will stay away we have a drag race and a road race tomorrow. We are VERY much looking forward to tomorrow which I believe is Tuesday, it is all a blur at this point. Race, Drive, Sleep, and maybe eat. It is NON STOP.

IMG_3547 IMG_3541 IMG_3531 IMG_3527

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