Day 3 Complete: Road Atlanta was crazy!

On Day 3 we woke up in Atlanta Georgia. Our 2 scheduled events for the day were held at Road Atlanta which is an old school track with big speeds and fast corners. It was not the longest track that we will see this week but it has some scary blind turns. By that I mean drive well over a 100 mph over a crest of a hill and the track that you think is straight on the other side has a nice turn immediately. As an example one car was hauled off the track after a crash on the warm up lap and during the warm up lap you are not even in full race mode.

We struggled at this track more than yesterday figuring it out and working out a small issue with the car. In the end the car is in one piece and so are we so now it’s time to mentally prepare for Sebring Florida. Road food is getting old but we did score a good meal and a couple beers at a nice outdoor restaurant that served dinner late. That goes a long a way mentally because granola bars and McDonalds are already starting to get to us.

Check out the pic of our front wheels. Those used to be gray.Major heat and brake dust.  Day 4, Tuesday, will be racing in Sebring Florida.

We transit with this Porsche and GTR after each event.

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