Day 3 Complete! Still in first place; crazy track, rain, and one liners.

If one word could describe the day, I would most likely say insane. Today we were racing at Palmer Motorsports Park in Massachusetts. This track is new, it’s insane, and with the yet again massive rain, words can’t describe the fear this track put in most driver. Imagine driving through a construction zone with concrete barriers on both sides.  Then driving as fast and as hard as you can around turns and elevations, attempting the best time, yet not hitting a wall because that was pretty much your only option if you slid off the track. Well, Welcome to Palmer.  That is one wicked track with zero forgiveness for error.


We arrived at the track about 7 A.M. to secure a garage. We were able to reserve one online last night which was awesome because we knew it was going to rain most of the day today. We had about a half hour drive from the hotel to the track and we were very pumped to see what this track was all about. I will say it was very scenic and beautiful despite it’s attitude. Upon entering we felt like a few designers took a handful of drugs, blasted a course through a mountain with dynamite, and were very determined to build the craziest course around. It’s layout, with little margin for error, was very demanding but in the end this place does deserve much respect. Also Palmer is new and even the garage we rented literally was having the entrance for it built as we were pulling in. Dirt and rain equals mud but we had no choice but to make due.


Both events today were very intense. The few cars that went before us were sliding all over the track, coming in and out of turns to aggressive for the wet conditions. Remember there is not a large field of grass to slide into if you have error on a turn like most tracks. At Palmer, sliding more than a few feet off the tracks means a date with rocks or a wall. We had to take this into consideration during the event as this was day 3 of 8 days and we have to finish in one piece. After many hours of waiting, battling the weather, and concentration, we had completed two events for the day. We had two second place finishes which of course is one place less than our goal.  The good news is the car is one piece and ready for tomorrow. The second part of the good news is in our class we are still sitting first in points for the 8 days of events. There is actually a third part of good news. Christian & Chris from Sweden who are running the 2016 Mustang we built last week took two first places today. If somebody is going to put us into second I love the fact that it’s great guys running a car the team at Brenspeed built.

After leaving Palmer we headed to West Virginia. We race there tomorrow, or should I once again say today, as its 2:07 A.M. and we need to leave in about 4 hours to head to the track. The car is in good condition and we are doing good as well. Sleep is becoming an issue going into day 4 but Big Chris and Myself (Brent) are doing our best to keep each other motivated as we are completing the long drives between events. It is amazing how a person from the UK (Chris) and a guy from the U.S. (Brent) can have so much in common. I think we said every one liner from Caddyshack, Clerks, Top Gun, Hangover, and so many more to entertain (keep awake) each other while driving. I can’t think of them all as my brain is completely fried right now. Tomorrow we are once again expecting a 70% chance of rain. We are so tired of rain it’s ridiculous.





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