Day 4 Complete! 2 Wins & Making it to NMC Raceway in Bowling Green KY.

Day 4 is complete and we are very happy about that. We had been stuck in nothing but rain for the last 3 days and when the sun came out today it was a good sign. We arrived at the track early and ready to score a garage in case the rain arrived during racing. Sadly we found out there were no garages available to rent at Summit Point Motorsport Park. The next best thing we found was a sweet parking spot up front and we stashed all our gear, parts, and luggage under a canopy.



We had a great breakfast at the track and the ladies in charge were killing it in the kitchen. That was good news as we were starving. After a quick check of the track (which was 2 miles) we hammered down some breakfast and prepped the car for another day’s work.


Today went really well. We had 2 first place finishes and the car was running flawless. The first event was so intense our rotors were smoking after we pitted. We let a couple fellow racers take the car around the pits to cool the rotors to assure everything stayed in proper working order. After the second event we cooled the car, loaded it up, and hit the road.


After being excited for 2 more wins and keeping the number 1 ranking secure, we had a 10 hour drive ahead of us to Kentucky. That drive went well and much faster than planned (due to various driving speeds and maneuvers). We landed in Kentucky at around midnight along with many of the other racers. After 3 days of solid rain and no sleep, almost everybody that arrived at the hotel was ready to kick back a cold one before attempting to get 4 or 5 hours of sleep. We joined right in and enjoyed a night in the parking lot with no rain falling on us which was for sure a good thing.


Tomorrow we race at NCM in Bowling Green, Kentucky. We have the car tuned to the best that we can, all the way from the engine to the suspension. They are calling for a large percent chance of rain but we hope that it will stay away. If it does not we will do what we have done the last few days which is drive hard based off the conditions while keeping the car on the track. Its officially that time of night where I retreat to 4 hours of sleep. Signing off!

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