Day 4 Complete: Sebring International Raceway!

Day 4 put us in Sebring Florida. Heeeeellllooooo Florida! 90 degrees and one of the most historic race tracks in history. Sebring is very old and over the years has held some great races. It was awesome but with age comes some issues. Sebring has a very rough track surface and if you are not careful you can bring the life of your tires to a rapid end.

We arrived at 7am and were one of the first ones in the track. Our hotel was located on site which meant our drive to the track in the morning was all of 30 seconds. Sweet, an extra 15 minutes of sleep! We knew it was going to be warm and we were planning on running the car hard for 10 mile sessions. The car was ready, we were ready, but we did not know for sure how it would handle the heat.

Half way through the day we saw 2 Corvettes toast their engines and a couple cars over heat. Our morning went well and the only real issue was a little clutch smell. We were hitting about 155 mph on one of the straights and that was at max rpm in 5th gear. A hard shift into 6th, which is overdrive, caused a mild clutch slip so we decided to keep it in 5th in the afternoon.

One of our racer friends had access to a suite at the track so we enjoyed some A/C and he had food catered in. Lucky for us, we were able to have a good meal because once the racing was over we had to drive to South Carolina.

The afternoon event went well but it was hotter out for sure. At the very end of the 10 miles the oil temp was hot enough to implement an RPM safety to help protect the engine. Basically that means we were limited to under 7000 RPMS but that’s OK it is programmed into the calibration and there to keep us in the event all week. After seeing the other cars toast engines from heat we were OK with that.

Next stop Carolina Motorsports Park in South Carolina.

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