IMG_3581Today might be one of the busiest days of racing we have had yet. Maybe I am thinking that now because of the wicked tornado we just drove through in Oklahoma but I will blog that next. We raced today at two different race tracks. The day started off at Texas Motorsport Ranch for three different events. We drove a 1.3 mile course, 1.7 mile course, and then a 3.1 mile course. Keep in mind when I say miles that is the distance around the course. You have to do 3 full wide open laps during competition. The 3.1 was the most difficult because that is a total of over 9 miles on the gas and brakes the entire time. The car handled it very well and this will be the longest course of the event so that is now behind us. We finished up with two 2nd places and a 3rd place in our class for that track today. We are very happy with those results. After that we loaded up and headed about 100 miles roughly to North Star Dragway for a bracket race. This went really good in the end but started as a struggle. Our car makes a lot of power and keep in mind we have to run it on the same tires we are driving on for this entire event. Same tires that we started with have to be the same tires we finish with 3500 miles later so a drag only tire is not used.  First pass down the track the tires were pretty much up in smoke the entire way. After that we drove the car really mild. The results were good and we took first place in our class during the bracket race tonight. Tomorrow we race in Oklahoma!

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