Day 5 Complete: Houston We Have a Problem!

OK I don’t know if I would call it a problem in the sense of we wrecked or anything, but more of a problem with the car liking the track. Day 5 put us in SC at Carolina Motorsports Park. We have completed 2,337 miles and 12 events! Over half way finished!

Sleeping Baby Giant

Now to new business. We have had ups and downs with our set up and getting used to the tracks. Certain tracks have proven to really mate well with our combo and others not so much. Today we are referring to it as racing on ice (slightly over exaggerated) . We struggled getting the tires to grip enough to keep the power planted to the ground. The track was 2.3 miles long for a total of 6.9 miles after 3 laps. The nice thing about that is the brakes and engine were much cooler than Sebring, but it was tough to make it all work. A couple cars had really ideal set ups and were running flat out fast. We did much better in the afternoon session and finished 3rd.

Strategy Meeting







We decided to change our strategy for the next few days and we will see how that works for us.  Our crew we run with had a slight issue with a splitter coming unfastened after hitting some debris in the road. We stopped by a local Ace Hardware for a quick repair. After that, we hit the road to Virginia.

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