Day 5 Complete: Wore Out, Cops, But We Made It!

Day 5 of the 8 day journey was pretty intense. We are already to the point that we can’t keep track of what day it is because all you do is focus on the event. You wake up and drive straight to the track. You prep the car, inspect the track, and then start racing. You perform maintenance on the car during the day because you are putting it through in 1 week what most people put a car through in a year. You might eat, you might lay down anywhere and close your eyes for a few minutes and try to rest, you race more, and then you map out your night time drive, which the last two days has been roughly 10 hours each night. Once that is finished you find a place to sleep and if it is only for a few hours it is still worth finding a hotel. The next day, you repeat. That sums up why you block out anything outside of this event, even what day it is. You know where you need to be and you get there, no matter what. Then you type a blog so your mom knows you are still alive. We are pretty sure it is a hell of a week for them. We are doing the race for us, but are doing the blog for them (and you reading this). I fell asleep at the desk last night doing this, but we have to, so Big Chris’s and my mom can try not to worry. ( I bet they still do) HI MOMS!


Today we started the day in Bowling Green, Kentucky, before that we were out near Boston and Pittsburgh, and now we are somewhere in Northern Wisconsin. Even our wives can’t keep track of where we are (for once). I asked somebody at a gas station the other day where I was and they told me New York. I was like wow I have never been to New York to bad I can’t hang out for a day. No time for play during this gig. Today was rough and we had about half a day of no rain so that was good. Even though we have raced the track before it was very demanding. For the first time in 5 days we had two third place finishes. I think a little bit of everything was going on. Tough track, we are getting wore out, and in the end it just wasn’t our day. The good news is we are still in first place for points yet we have a lot of events ahead in the next 3 days. Tomorrow, which is today when you are reading this, we have 5 events.  2 road course, 1 auto cross, and 2 drag races. This is what is thrown on us on day 6. BUT we will do it. The team at Brenspeed built us a wicked car and they said the work is in our hands now (no pressure of course).

All of the driving has been pretty smooth. We hit a tire on the highway the other night that ripped the corner of the front bumper off but no biggy we fixed it. We ate a good meal 1 night (some Brazilian place I can’t tell you where or when), ate subway, gas station food, and pretty much nothing worth reporting. A food truck came to the track today which was awesome. It had legit Chinese food on it that was made to order. Our friend Chris (not Big Chris) from Sweden ordered us a ton of food (THANKS CHRISTOPHER!).


We had the pleasure of meeting a very nice officer in a state I won’t mention. Most of you know what goes on driving between these events so you understand you don’t want the radar to hit your car. You would be amazed how we have this car set up. Tonight there were 3 GPS devices running maps and watching traffic; apps watching for reported law enforcement, the most high tech 2016 radar detector money can buy that is simply amazing, night vision (OK no night vision that part is a joke), and then us two dorks telling stories driving. Our gear was telling us we needed to be on alert so I quickly applied the brakes. I was on declaration (aka very hard braking) when one of our devices told us we had just been laser tagged by the police. 1/2 mile later we were pulled over. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Becky. Becky was a good sport, took some pictures with us, and sent us on our way with a warning. I will tell you right now if that went down in Indiana I may not be typing this right now. Big Chris kept saying, “Let me speak with her” and went to open the door. I said, “STOP do you want shot, you can’t just walk back to the police car in the United States”. Luckily Becky was awesome and we didn’t even have to do much sweet talking and also luckily Big Chris stayed in his seat like a good boy.

Here we go again. Its 2:25 A.M. and the alarm will go off in about 3 hours. Tomorrow, I mean today, is a new day.


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  1. Thanks for keeping us up to date
    Brent really appreciate it.
    Glad you’ve found the sun .
    Keep those points coming.

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