Day 6 complete! 2 more to go!

Today was day 6 in the Brock Yates One Lap Of America. For those of you keeping track this is an 8 day event so we have 2 more to go! We started the day off with heading to Road America in Wisconsin. After Road America we drove to Great Lakes Dragway. Both facilities were in Wisconsin but our event Friday is in Illinois.

Today we had a total of 5 events. Two road races, an auto cross, and two events at a drag strip. We came out well and are still in 1st place for points in our class. Today we had 2 first place, one 4th place, and I believe 2 second places. The other good news is our transit runs have become much smaller nearing the end of the race. Today we had a couple hour drive between the road course and drag race event, then only a 2 hour drive to Joliet, Illinois which is where we race tomorrow. That beats a 10 hour drive for sure!

Also today the crew from One Lap of America did several live video’s with us at the track. If you can, I suggest looking up Tire Rack One Lap Of America on Facebook to see the details! It is a cool thing ¬†and you can watch the cars race right by.

We are 100% smoked so this blog today is going to be short. All in all today went well and we are sitting just where we need to be up front. Be sure to check in and watch that live footage as it will be amazing. Thanks for reading!

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