IMG_3530We had another great day of racing today. This morning we were in Oklahoma on a pretty intense road course. After surviving the multiple tornado’s last night we were pretty excited to hit the track. We are pretty much exhausted at this point yet still have two days left of racing. The Mustang is a power house under the hood but is still competing on mostly factory issued suspension. We for sure are outperformed by a few of the other cars on tight turns. This means one thing. You know the term balls to the wall?  Well that has been our motto for the last few days. We have been wide open and brake hard to keep up with some of the other cars. Big Chris today sounded like a drift car around most of the corners with all 4 tires struggling to stay on earth but that style driving worked. Two first place finishes and we are on to Kentucky. Friday we race in Bowling Green. Actually today is Friday as I type this. We will arrive to Bowling Green at about 4:30 am which will be enough time to grab a shower at a hotel but probably not sleep. This will be our last leg far away from home before we finish in Indiana on Saturday. We have been lucky with zero issues out of the Brenspeed built Mustang. I am really believing all of our preparation is paying off especially with all of the breakage I have seen this week on other cars.

IMG_3651 IMG_3644 IMG_3642 IMG_3624

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