Day 6 Complete: No Rain Delays Today!

It was bound to happen. RAIN RAIN AND MORE RAIN. Last year we spent the first 4 days of the race in the rain and it was miserable. This year it has been awesome weather but all good things must to come to an end. We found ourselves at Dominion Raceway in Virginia. This is a newly renovated facility and WOW was it nice. They had a 3 story building with a restaurant in it so that was good news since it rained all day.

The track itself is pretty much surrounded with concrete barriers. That’s not good news when racing in the rain. We have traveled 2700 miles prior to arriving and it is starting to take its toll on the brain. Racing in the rain is crazy stressful but luckily Big Chris is from the UK and he drives in the rain about 300 days a year so he pushed the stang to its fullest today.   We had 3 events scheduled for today but one was cancelled because of the rain. That event was an oval track and they felt it was not safe, but hey, they let us go 150 mph in the rain on the road course surrounded by concrete so I guess it all made sense.

We finished the day with a 5th and 3rd place. We had an 11 hour drive after the events and that was not cool. We did stop and eat on the way back because we were already going to be so late getting into the hotel it really didn’t matter at that point. Friday is Gingerman Raceway. A small track with not a lot of room to unleash the beast. That will not be in our favor.

Miles Completed 3,402

Events Completed 14

Times Speeding (XXX)

Speeding Tickets 0

Electronic Navigation/Detectors/Jammers  (classified)


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