Day 7 Complete! Just a minor spin out!

For Day 7 we found ourselves much closer to home. After an 11 hour drive yesterday we made it to South Haven Michigan. South Haven is a cool place but unfortunately we have zero time for fun and had to get some sleep for Gingerman Raceway.

Gingerman is a cool track. Its short and does not have walls like some of the others. We prefer longer tracks with more room to unleash the beast but Gingerman will have to do. Chris and I had a meeting in the morning and here is how it went. I looked the car over and we had good rotors, good pads, the engine was not knocking, and we had plenty of tire left. We needed points so the result of the observations was how would you say…. “Balls Out?”.

Its one of those things that you make a gamble. You look at the events you have ahead of you and determine hypothetically where you will finish if you take it easy, where you will finish if you drive hard and rock the track, or where you will finish if you go off the track. Remember this 8 day race is an accumulation of 8 days of points.  We needed points and playing it safe was not option.

The first event of the day Big Chris was in go fast mode. He shredded the track but then went into a turn a little too hard and the car spun off the track. The good news is it was just grass around the track and no walls, the bad news is that will put us back in points. That’s racing, and that’s a chance we were willing to take. The day went well for the most part and the car has held up great. We only had an hour drive to the final destination, South Bend Indiana, and that was a drive that was way easy compared to every single night the last week.

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