Friday we raced at MCM Road Course in Bowling Green Kentucky. We scored 1.5 hours of sleep, a shower, and it was time to hit the track. Bowling Green is known as Corvette Territory as they are manufactured right down the road from this course. The social media department from the Corvette Museum stopped by to interview us. Even though this is Corvette headquarters the Mustang was a big hit with them.  This course was one of the faster courses. It had some long straights that would allow us to really get some insane speed out of the Mustang. This would in the end almost take us out of the race. Big Chris and I road our Razor scooters on the 3.2 mile course first thing in morning. We decided Big Chris should man the wheel on this course and my exact words were “Chris, Balls to the wall, all or nothing, we need the points”. On the first lap of the race Big Chris took my words pretty literally. Coming off a big straight and at an undisclosed ridiculous MPH Chris came out of a turn and the Mustang started to spin around on him. Chris corrected but with the weight of the car and the speed combined there was not really a way the car was going to recover. From the side of the track I saw the car fish tailing and he was looking for a recovery but we could tell he was heading towards the concrete wall. Now positioned 180 degrees (moving in reverse) from where he started the back of the car was a fraction of a second from the wall at a pretty high speed. With luck on our side the car missed the wall by about 12 inches as the wall stopped and he had went by it at the end. Here is the crazy part. Tires screeching the car is now in forward motion and Chris is banging the gears back onto the track as hard as he was before. It was not exactly a recovery, but he was not going to let that spin out take us 100% out of the race. We still got 3rd place on that race and missed 2nd place by less than 1 second. That’s pretty insane to still place where we did when we had the worse spin off the track in One Lap Of America history. We took 2nd place in the afternoon session. 1 Day of racing left, and only a 6 hour drive tonight. If it works out, we may get to actually sit down for a beer and dinner before bed for once. It has been one crazy week. Next stop, SOUTH BEND INDIANA!

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