Day 7 Complete! Still winning and almost home!

Today was another great day of racing. We were at Autobahn Country Club in Joliet IL. I have drag raced in Joliet for years over at Route 66 so it was nice to be at a new location. Autobahn Country Club was a very nice facility with two cool road courses.

This was an abnormally short day. After a first place and third place finish we found ourselves coming to the realization we only had one day of racing left. Today was good and even a Viper felt the wrath of the Brenspeed Mustang. After racing we only had a few hours drive ahead of us. We spent some time going over the car to make sure it was good to go for the drive back and one last event. We have put the Roush Supercharged Team GMG Brenspeed Mustang through a very rough week. I have a list of about 6 things that need replaced but none will keep us from the event tomorrow in South Bend Indiana. The car is tired, and so are we.

We have been through a very rough week from a weather stand point. Today we only had rain for about 5 minutes. It’s hard to believe we have one day left. To us the week feels like a couple days. Focus, that is about the best way to explain it. You block everything out which is hard to do but you have to if you want to compete seriously in this event.

We are sitting very well in points. Tomorrow could be very successful if we stay on track. We had a great time tonight hanging with racers, having a few drinks (maybe more than a few), and just talking about the week of racing. Our competition comes from different countries, different budgets, different lifestyles, but we are all one and the same for 8 days.







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