IMG_3707Its crazy to think today was the final day of this event. It really felt like 2 days instead of a 8. I have never experienced anything so fast paced. There is zero time to think about anything but this race. It brings a new meaning to the word focus. This morning we woke up in South Bend Indiana the final location for the Brock Yates One Lap Of America. Not only did we make great time on the drive last night we actually got to have beers for a couple hours with racers talking about the intense week of racing. On day 1 you see a lot of a new faces and by day 8 everybody is a family. It is a truly awesome experience. This morning we finished the race on another skid pad. Because we were on the skid pad once already this week we knew we were out handled by some of the cars. Unfortunately the race today did not require raw power which we have plenty of but requires the ability to drive really really fast in a small circle without sliding. They are measuring what is called lateral G’s. We knew before this event that even if we got first place in todays event we still would not get enough points to move into the number 1 position. It was really close in the end. We finished 4th place on the skid pad today and remained in the number 2 position in our class but the day was not over. After the race we had an awards banquet held at Tire Rack in South Bend Indiana.  Boyd Coddington Jr. was at the awards and presented us the 2015 Boyd Coddington Best Vehicle Appearance award. That was just awesome. We finished the entire event 2nd place in class, received the Boyd Coddington Best Appearance Award, and finished the entire event as the fastest Mustang in the class in points and time. This was a great experience and not only did we get a ton of development on the car this week but we met really fun people. We learned to operate on no sleep and luckily Chris and I are almost exactly alike. No drama, and just a lot of good times. We made a great team, and the car functioned amazingly. Thanks to all the sponsors and everybody at Brenspeed that helped with this project. One Lap, see you next year.

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