10171779_1112945452054499_1348076870275290689_nOK so this may look crazy but yes this is what we pack in our car for the 1 lap race. Understand what you race is what  you drive and when you break you need to have it with you. Here is a short list of our supplies that we packed into our 2015 Team brenspeed Gas Monkey Garage Mustang.  The list is long so hang in there. Clothes for two drivers for 8 days of racing, race suites including helmets, spare brake pads, rotors, clutch, half shafts, sway bar end links, and spare tire. Remember this race is has to be ran on the same set of tires the entire week on track and off so our spare is for a disaster situation on the side of the road in the middle of the night. Duct tape, electrical tape, connections, wire, tools, JB weld, silicone, loc tite, clamps we have to be ready for anything! Razor scooters to check the tracks we are racing this week this is much better than walking! fuel can, tarp, chairs, more tools ( A lot), computers, and several classified go fast items. Fluids and a LOT OF LUCAS FLUIDS! Oil changes, trans changes, rear changes, and everything we need to keep the drive train in perfect working order. This racing will for sure boil some of the fluids so we are set. Maintenance is key! Radar detector, inverters, power supplies, it never ends on the electrical side of things. This car is slammed full and ready to go! The race starts tomorrow Saturday May 2nd! I left out a lot of items. Some because it is so buried in the car I couldn’t see them, and some because they are well….. top secret.

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