IMG_3607To start the day off a rock decided to crack our windshield. As luck would have it our crack was right where you have to look out this long drive. No biggy we were thinking much worse things could happen. So after a great day of racing today in Texas we hit the road to Oklahoma. I will say so far out of all the driving we do every night between races it has been pretty uneventful.  In no time we were in a huge traffic jam. This race is about time which we don’t have so we are pretty much used to moving cannon ball run style. Minimal stops and doing our best to get to the next location so we can catch some sleep. I think the current average is about 5 hours or less a night. We instantly get online and find the next best route because this traffic was going nowhere for at least an hour. We ended up in the country way off the highway and an instant storm came in. This was likely the hardest rain I have ever been in while in a car. Over a 20 minute period the roads went to flooded in a big way. Our phones started giving tornado alerts, cars were stranded empty either on the side or middle of the road, and we had nowhere to go. We kept moving avoiding the abandoned cars so I check the weather on my phone trying to get a radar image. The screen shows a sweet 66 degrees, and says “funnel clouds”. OK I am from Indiana and I have never seen that. Maybe that is normal out here but typically I see cloudy, rainy, maybe snowy, but funnel clouds? Now we start to feel this is getting serious and we really have nowhere to go. We finally get on a highway and it starts hailing. BAD. Cars were all over the roads hiding under every over pass, on the side of the road, and many of them were empty. At this point we just needed a place to go and luckily found an exit with a less than desirable hotel but who really cares we need shelter. Its late, we check in, I am starving, and the vending machine is missing (see below pics). I am giving up on the few minutes left today. Good night. Tomorrow is a new day.

IMG_3577 IMG_3613 IMG_3618 IMG_3621 REALLY

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