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Prep Day, The Day Before Day 1: Video Inside!

DSCN1562Here we are again. The Team GMG Brenspeed Roush Supercharged Mustang came together nicely and it was time to test it out. We knew it had the right parts, but we did not have time or a good place to put it to the test at high speeds.

After a few minutes of brainstorming and a phone call we were locked in. We headed over to the local airport for an opportunity at high speed runs. This worked out perfect and the staff did a great job of working with us on getting on and off the runway safely.

Once we arrived the weather was very nice. With rain early in the AM we were worried about conditions but a dry runway allowed us to test the 2015 Mustang to its max potential. After we were finished the clouds rolled over and it began to down poor. This was actually good news because we race in rain or shine. Rather than leave, we stayed for more full speed runs to test how the tires, suspension, and brakes would handle the extremely wet conditions. Needless to say we left with a huge smile on our face and we feel very ready for tomorrow.

DSCN1539 DSCN1552b DSCN1555


2016 One Lap of America

2016 One Lap RouteHere we go again.  Its time for the 2016 Brock Yates’ One Lap of America.  Gas Monkey Garage and Brenspeed have teamed up together again this year to make the run on a all new route.

 The Race begins Saturday April 30th 2016 in South Bend Indiana at the Tire Rack Head Quarters and ends at the exact same place 7 days later on May 7th 2016.

Check out the green line on the map above.  That is the 7 day route the racers must travel stopping each day and competing in a racing event.  When that days event is over then its off to the next track.  Racers are scored on each event and the totals are tallied up at the end to determine the winner.  There are multiple classes competing and a large assortment of different vehicles.

 These are 2 person driving teams with no support vehicles.  They are on their own during this massive road trip utilizing only what they can pack in their cars and making friends along the way.

Check the this link to the Brock Yates’ One Lap of America website for more details.  PLUS a listing of all the stops if you want to come out and spectate.  Please do and cheer on the GMG/Brenspeed Team for the win.