IMG_3660This is day 6 of the race and today Big Chris and I ended up in Mountain Grove Missouri seeking out some help with another racers GTR. Although on the track racing is everybody for themselves, off the track everybody in this event really wants to help each other. Bob’s GTR  developed an oil leak and the awesome folks at Booger Motors were fans of the cars and offered their shops lift so Bob could resolve the oil issue on the GTR. These guys gave us an open invitation to equipment and tools so that was very cool. Todd and Tyson from Speed Concepts & Bob and Derek thrashed on the GTR. It was very difficult to see where the oil was coming from and after a few hours of removing just enough parts the bad news came. The turbo had a crack in the exhaust housing near the oil feed line. There was just too much oil leaking to keep competing safely, and with only 9 hours till the next race starts and we still had about 6 hours left on the road there was no way to get it repaired in time.  That is a tough break for Bob and Derek after competing for so many days then it ends with a mechanical failure in a HUGE time crunch. Thanks to everybody that helped try to get Bob and Derek back up and running. We met some nice people at the shop and even a local named Phillip (pictured with Brent above) was wearing his GMG T-Shirt. He had no idea he would get a call today that the Team Gas Monkey Brenspeed Mustang was in his town. He was VERY excited.

IMG_3656 IMG_3654 IMG_3653

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